Peeping Erin’s Andrews.


For the one person out there who hasn’t heard, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was secretly videotaped through a hole in her hotel room wall.  Andrews was nude, but was in no way perpetuating anything remotely sexy; except for those of you with “hair-curling” and “clothing ironing” fetishes.  The footage had been up on, since February, but was picked up by the site this past week.  There may have been a chance that the story would have blown over; it is difficult to determine identities in grainy peephole hotel videos, right?  But, before the day was over, ESPN lawyered up at warp factor 5, sending a cease & desist letter to NSFWPOA asking for the video’s removal.  Hours later, Andrews lawyer speaks:

“While alone in the privacy of her hotel room, Erin Andrews was surreptitiously videotaped without her knowledge or consent. She was the victim of a crime and is taking action to protect herself and help ensure that others are not similary (sic) violated in the future. Although the perpetrator or perpetrators of this criminal act have not yet been identified, when they are identified she intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material. We request respect of Erin’s privacy at this time, while she and her representatives are working with the authorities.”

Shit? Meet fan. Let the storm commence.

Every article you read about Erin Andrews and her peephole video reads the same.  Every story has to use the word “creepy” or “disgusting” or “low-down” or some adjective either directly before or after referencing the video as an over-the-top attempt to try to convince the reader that they didn’t spend all afternoon frantically searching Google and using “happy tissues” like they were going out of style.  But, masturbatory habits of the average sports fan aside, the real question that everyone wants to know is Who else is to blame (besides the person(s) that filmed the footage)?

Of course, the first finger was waved at sports bloggers.  Sports Bloggers have loved Erin Andrews  for almost 3 years.  And by loved, I mean obsessed over…or at least made it appear that they were obsessed over.  Don’t believe me? Read this.

Are all the major sports blogs that much in love with Andrews? I doubt it.  But do/did they realize that creating an Erin Andrews sub-culture allows them to obtain an almost self-aggrandizing status? Umm…did I forget to mention that many bloggers call her “Erin Pageviews” and that they utilize posts with her in them for…uh, page views?

And they did create a culture.  Countless articles on countless blogs, followed by countless comments about everyone’s beloved EA.  It was easy to get swept up in it; I personally don’t even find Andrews that attractive (pretty? sure, but a goddess? not quite) but with so many other people hyping her up, isn’t it only natural to start to agree, at least a little bit?

Regardless of the specific intent, sports blogs are at least indirectly to blame for the Erin Andrews video.  Sure, I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and say that someone may have gone and taped Andrews even if no blog had ever mentioned her.  But, would it have become a national news story without the blog-fueled subculture?  The subculture that filled our eyes and our heads with story titles like Florida Gators find success in Erin Andrews’ bed or Erin Andrews takes it in the face or My that looks like a delicious sandwich? Yeah…not likely.  And please don’t misunderstand…regardless of how many blog interviews she did, or how many fans she talked to during games, she was not in on the joke.  At no point has Erin Andrews ever been okay with being objectified and having articles written about her solely based on her looks.  I doubt many are.

Ah yes! Her looks.

You know, somewhere, at some point in time, somebody that works for ESPN realized that Erin Andrews is fairly attractive, knows about sports, and may even be able to help ESPN’s ratings.  They then proceeded to put her on every show possible. College Football, College Basketball, MLB All-Star Game, Spelling Bee, Little League World Series…*NEWSFLASH* Its pretty easy to promote the subculture created by bloggers when ESPN literally has her on television everyday, covering every event. */NEWSFLASH*  Gee, its almost like ESPN reads blogs, knows that everyone’s obsessed with Andrews, and then exploited her for her looks in order to obtain better ratings!  Now, exchange ratings for page views.

The blame game now has two contestants.

Of course, much like the bloggers, ESPN went into full-on damage control; cease & desist letters, lawyers, banning NY Post staffers from ESPN outlets because the Post had posted pictures from the video.  Sure, they promoted the Erin Andrews culture, but they must care! Did you see how quick they sent that C&D letter? Unfortunately, it all but ensured that a 4 month old video was going to receive a lot more press over the next few weeks…Is it easier to just deny that some grainy video is Erin Andrews OR to admit it right away by sending C&D letters, basically making sure that everyone knows its her, then fail to understand how the internet works (hello, google cache)?  And a better question…Who at ESPN is checking NSFWPOA anyway? Shouldn’t you guys be working?

And what of those bastions of truth and wisdom, the mainstream media?  Surely, those beacons of guiding light will see us through these tumultuous times?

Pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

I’m sure there were other stories out there (Jason Whitlock has a good article, but in usual Whitlockian prose, it can’t end without going to the extreme and/or playing the race card)  but I’ll start with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.  No article to read, just this wonderful video clip,

I’d like to personally thank Bill for “only showing us enough to show criminal intent” because all of your viewers are not only lawyers, but they’re actually working this case.  I would have called you sleezy, but then, right before you cut to the Aryan correspondents used for the segment, you said it was “ultra-disturbing”.  I was almost worried you were going to lose credibility!  Whew! And how is this different than a sports blog or ESPN capitalizing on Erin Andrews to garner attention?  Its not. It actually does nothing more than perpetuate the story on a larger scale; more people watch Bill O’Reilly than are reading Deadspin.

The blame game now has three contestants.

But surely, Erin Andrews must have one knight in shining armor, truly looking to protect her interests? I think I see him coming now. Wait, is that…Jay Mariotti?


Mariotti’s article is in all of its glory is here.  My favorite part? Mariotti’s egotism.  Only Mariotti could write an article about an Erin Andrews naked peephole video and inexplicably bring it back to his personal confrontation with Ozzie Guillen that now happened at least two years ago.  Furthermore, anything Mariotti writes is so clouded by his hatred of bloggers its almost an exercise in futility to glean any salient points from the article in the first place (Mariotti would blame bloggers for killing Steve McNair, Arturo Gatti, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Ed McMahon if he thought he could slip it by an editor).

Maybe other female reporters have her back?  Like a solidarity thing amongst women?

On the Erin Andrews situation, a quick thought for those who have asked: There are hundreds of women covering sports in this country who haven’t had this happen to them. I wish it didn’t happen to Erin, but I also would suggest to her if she asked (and she hasn’t) that she rely on her talent and brains and not succumb to the lowest common denominator in sports media by playing to the frat house.

The quote is from The Big Lead, and was said by USA Today columnist Christine Brennan.  Playing to the frat house?  Isn’t that like saying someone who gets raped was “asking for it” because they had on a short skirt and were flirtatious?  And that’s coming from a woman??? No one deserves to have their rights violated, regardless of what they’ve done to provoke actions by others.  Apparently even big time writers haven’t fully grasped that concept yet.

And speaking of grasping concepts…Sure, everyone seems to be passing the blame, or exploiting Erin Andrews in one way or another to make a buck, but surely, we’ve all at least learned a lesson; that these sort of actions are “ultra-disturbing” (i heard that phraseology from a big time news guy, don’t hate).

From Rumors & Rants,

Now that I’ve given that background I feel I should tell you that I’ve seen the video(s). While they are completely creepy in every way, I have to say that despite the grainy quality, it is absolutely Erin Andrews. And she looks incredible. She looks better than any of us could have ever hoped. She has absolutely zero flaws. So while I hope they catch this creep, Erin Andrews has nothing to be ashamed of.

From TotalProSports,

Erin Andrews Peephole – Okay.  So I obviously left after watching this clip thinking “I want more!”  But who wouldn’t?  It’s Erin Andrews naked!  It did however provide closure for the many longtime wishes out there to see Erin Andrews naked.  You can’t complain about that, but maybe a sex tape in the near future wouldn’t be so bad?  Nothing wrong with being a little greedy.

From Co-ed Magazine,

When it comes to the world of sideline reporters, you can’t get much hotter than the lovely Erin Andrews. If you’re a sports fan, she’s sure to have entered your fantasies one or two (hundred) times. And with the leaking of a very naughty peephole tape showing all the sexiness this stunner has to offer, then that obsession has surely sent you into an Erin Andrews frenzy. So to satisfy your blooming obsession, we’ve put together the quintessential Erin Andrews photo collection, containing over 240 photos of this awesomely bodacious babe.

Apparently, no one else is going to do it, so, let me be the first.

I’m sorry Erin Andrews.

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  1. griffn

    I was going to say this post would be much clearer with a few visual aids. Then I peeped the last link. Well played, sir.

    Seriously though, who's to blame for all this? The guy who drilled the hole in her wall, period. I don't see anything wrong with a sideline reporter playing up her looks. I also don't see anything wrong with the online following she's accumulated. All that comes with being in the spotlight. You want to be a blonde, leggy sideline reporter for ESPN, people are gonna take pictures of you eating sandwiches and post them online. The game is the game.

    Getting peepholes drilled into your wall, however, is not part of the game. It's basically one step below rape. I really hope they catch the dude who did it and he gets his peephole drilled in prison.

  2. Abopobiombsem

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