Vanessa Hudgens is naked again


Zac Efron is my hero.

Trust me, I never, never, EVER thought I’d write those words.  But when I sit down and think about it…its true.  He quite possibly is my favorite person on the face of the earth.


He dates Vannesa Anne Hudgens. She looks good.  She’s like 21 now, I think? So hopefully this guy won’t show up when I say that.  Two years ago, she decided to take, ahem…”risque” pictures of herself, for Efron.  Of course, they ended up on the internet.  The Disney PR headache ensued, due to the fact that Hudgens was in the process of filming the High School Musical movies (apparently Disney isn’t down with the young starlets being naked…who knew?).  Of course for Hudgens, the move did nothing but create a slew of publicity and got her a deal with Mark Ecko and his Ecko brand.  That brought us commercials like this.

I don’t know how Mark Ecko is still able to sell clothes either…cause that sucked…Hudgens also signed a contract with Neutrogena after the nude picture scandal, which really made me start to wonder why more actresses don’t do nude photo shoots when they’re trying to leave Disney; they get publicity, get out of the Disney spotlight and apparently get new deals.  Hard to beat that.  All of this is being said to get to this point…

Vanessa Anne Hudgens took naked pictures again.

That’s right, Vanessa Anne Hudgens is naked. Again. on a camera phone. Maybe Ecko Red sales are down, or maybe the Neutrogena Scrub Brush thingy isn’t selling as good as they want?  Maybe she wanted to make sure that Disney didn’t even bother calling her for High School Musical 4? Or maybe she has Zac Efron as her boyfriend and she’s doggedly determined to make him happy (couldn’t she just make him some pie?).  Did I mention he’s my hero?  Some pictures below. If you want the NSFW pictures go somewhere else (hint: try Egotastic)

P.S. I love this post cause now I seem like one of those guys who scowls the internet looking for naked celebrities.  I’d like to think that naked celebrities just come looking for me.  I mean, when its plastered on the front of any celebrity entertainment site I go to…its like a sexy dare…right?

Update: Apparently the pictures are old. and she may have been under 18 when they were taken…I can already see Chris Hansen setting up a sting operation in his head.

pics via

P.S. apparently thumbnails hate me. click on the box and the picture is there though.

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