Ashley Greene Naked


Its really kind of odd how you can go from not being known by the mainstream public to becoming a household name; all by taking off your clothes.  Ashley Greene is one of the stars of the movie Twilight (apparently?).  I saw that movie, and I still didn’t know who she was.  And now of course, she’s naked and she’ll be known all over the internet.  Strange thing is…she’s been in stuff before.

I kind of ask myself if we are that twisted as a society that taking off your clothes can get you acclaim and notoriety…but I already know the answer is “yes”. (*cough* Halle Berry in Monsters Ball *cough*)

Its really the age old debate.  “Its her body, she should be able to do whatever she wants to to gain publicity and further her career” versus whoring yourself out as a piece of meat and objectifying women.  Who’s right? Who knows.  I know I don’t, and I doubt its my place to judge.

So, here’s to you Ashley Greene.  Your decision to take naked pictures of yourself and have them mysteriously end up on the internet puts you in the company of a bunch of other naked actresses usually doing it for the sake of attention.

I took a topless picture once…not a single page view.  My confidence is hurt.

Ashley Greene Naked Pictures are here.  We don’t run that kinda site man…Regular ass clothed pictures are below.

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