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Mechad Brooks

Anybody up for some “Eggs” this morning?  Yes, I love True Blood.  Apparently, if I run triathalons I can look like this. Hopefully minus the capri pants.

People who are going to hell: Man steals portrait of Virgin Mary in order to get money to take a teenager (who he was accused of raping) to Mexico to get an abortion.

Rick Pitino had a press conference…to proclaim his innocence…and to invoke the name of Ted Kennedy.

Atari (yes that Atari) is being sued over Dungeons & Dragons. Filing this under “I’m not nerdy enough to care”.

And who will be Mr. T for the upcoming suck-fest that will be the A-Team movie? Rampage Jackson.

And today’s Blueprint 3 leak?  Venus vs. Mars. Honestly, I’m going to hear the whole album before September 11th. I’m not playing.

One day after Microsoft apologized for photoshopping a black man’s head out of the Polish version of their website, a new meme develops.

Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) wants the health care reform bill named after Ted Kennedy.  Nice gesture, but could be politically dicey.

Megan Fox is the new catwoman? Ugh.

Video proof that Michael Jackson is alive.  Sort of.

Good Morning Forbes.

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