Jay-Z on Oprah


Jay-Z and Oprah

Sean Carter…on Oprah. In 4 parts.  When you really think about it, this is really an interview of completely crazy proportions.  These are arguably the only two black people in the last 20 years that have completely blurred the cultural barrier between black & white all races.  Suburban white house wives know who both of these people are.  At the same time, any black person on “the streets” knows them as well.  Not only knows them, but for the most part can accept (yes, I’m excluding Bill O’Reilly, of course)…which is really crazy.  Crazier? the fact that I instantly fell into the rich white woman-poor black people comparison.  Sad that those years of conditioning still haven’t worn off.  I blame “the man” for that.

On a side note, just like the boy Rizoh said…You can almost hear Oprah yelling at the TV…”I can’t promote this, I got sponsors!” whenever the usage of The “N-word” comes up.

Video Courtesy of (rap radar) found at The Rap Up

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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