Pittsburgh is the greatest sports city of all time! Of all time!


To the victors go the spoils:

Mayor Ravenstahl and Sporting News publisher Ed Baker pose with the new cover (photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Mayor Ravenstahl and Sporting News publisher Ed Baker pose with the new cover (photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

It took 16 years, but on-a-roll Pittsburgh has finally been named the No. 1 sports city by Sporting News magazine, beating out 398 other towns in the United States and Canada.  The city was so anointed largely on the backs of the dual 2009 Steelers and Penguins championships. …

The magazine’s cover pairs Sidney Crosby and Ben Roethlisberger, and the 29-year-old mayor noted its resemblance to an iconic Sports Illustrated cover with Willie Stargell and Terry Bradshaw from 1979. …

Mr. Baker said the selection incorporates the number of teams in each city (which hurts Pittsburgh, due to the lack of pro basketball), team won-lost records (where the Pirates hurt the ranking), and a lot of things that go in the city’s favor, such as playoff records, attendance and fan ferocity.

“There’s some science, some math and some subjectivity attached to it,” Mr. Baker said.

The issue hits newsstands this week. It contains an eight-page spread on Pittsburgh sports, with stories on Western Pennsylvania quarterbacks, Pitt versus West Virginia, Steelers Super Bowl rings and tips from ex-Pirates on making the team a winner again.

The fact that Pittsburgh won this with no basketball team and with the Pirates being arguably the worst franchise in sports shows how absolutely rabid the city is for the Steelers.  The Stanley Cup was just icing on the cake.  Here’s the aforementioned Sports Illustrated cover from 1979– during that great City of Champions era when I was rocking diapers and Pirates onesies:


And here’s the Sporting News top ten list of the best sports cities:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Philadelphia
3. Boston
4. Chicago + Evanston
5. Los Angeles
6. New York
7. Phoenix + Tempe
8. Miami
9. Dallas-Fort Worth
10. Detroit + Ann Arbor + Ypsilanti

Not appearing in your picture: Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati.

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