Forbes NFL power rankings: Week 9


darren_sharper_saints1. New Orleans Saints (7-0, last week: #1)
In seven games, the Saints defense has returned 5 interceptions for touchdowns (3 by Darren Sharper), including one near the end of the half last night to break open what was a close game.  Combine that with the league’s best offense, and they’re basically unstoppable right now.

2. Indianapolis Colts (7-0, last week: #2)
After feasting on the dregs of the NFL for the last six weeks, the Colts struggled at home against a rapidly improving 49ers team.  When you need Joseph Addai to throw a 22-yard touchdown pass to win the game, it probably wasn’t a great day at the office.  I have a strong suspicion that the Colts are not the second best team in the league, but I’ll keep them here until provided with further evidence.

3. New England Patriots (5-2, last week: #4)
The Patriots play the Dolphins twice in the next month, and Miami has a 3-0 division record.  Despite being by far the best team in the AFC East, the Pats by no means have things wrapped up.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2, last week: #5)
The last time safety Ryan Clark played in the mile high air in Denver, he nearly died from a bizarre blood reaction and missed the rest of the season.  Doctors have cleared him to play Monday night, but I don’t think the one-game drop off from Clark to Tyrone Carter is worth risking it.

5. Minnesota Vikings (7-1, last week: #6)
I don’t understand why people are questioning Packers fans for booing Brett Favre.  Not only did he leave the team (granted, not entirely voluntarily), but he went to a division rival and acted like a jerk about it.  He could have retired with class and spent the rest of his life promoting local car dealerships and enjoying unparalleled popularity in Wisconsin, but instead he made the decision to screw his legacy for one flash-in-the-pan season with the Vikings.  Boo-hoo, Brett Favre isn’t universally loved.  Pass me a tissue.

6. Denver Broncos (6-1, last week: #3)
The Broncos are now 0-1 in the Mitch Berger era.  I’m just saying.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2, last week: #7)
I’ve started getting all my news from OCNN, the Ochocinco News Network.  This just in: “I’m so mad I couldn’t ustream my workout, I’m gonna try again tomorrow.”  You won’t see that on Fox News.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (5-2, last week: #9)
The Eagles did everyone a huge favor this weekend by thoroughly exposing the Giants as a fraudulent fraud who I’m ashamed to say I recently had ranked #1.

9. Baltimore Ravens (4-3, On the bubble)
Word on the street is that Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron thinks he can turn Ray Rice into another running back he used to coach: LaDainian Tomlinson.  Rice is averaging 150 yards from scrimmage and has 4 TDs in his last three games.

10. Atlanta Falcons (4-3, last week: #10)
Michael Turner got back on track against the Saints, but Matt Ryan fell off the rails and threw a couple of killer picks– one in the red zone, the other returned for a touchdown.  And he’s thrown 7 INTs in the last 3 games.  At some point, it’s going to come together for the Falcons.

On the bubble: New York Giants (5-3, last week: #8), Green Bay Packers (4-3), Dallas Cowboys (5-2), Houston Texans (5-3), New York Jets (4-4)

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